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Stack Pack- 3 Unique awesome winter beers! Featuring Beste Bock, Recollection Rye Pale Ale, and Bad Robot New England Double IPA. Mix pack includes a limited edition Cameron’s Jenga game. Take a break, enjoy a craft beer and play a fun game with friends!


Alc/Vol: 6.6%

Beste Bock is a traditional German treat. Only the best pick of the harvest is used for our Bock ingredients, this combined with long cold aging provided by the winter months develop into a smooth and rich experience.


Alc/Vol: 6.6%

Recollection Rye Pale Ale erupts with hop power. A combination of five malts, and a coalition of seven varieties of floral British and pungent American hope create complex, awe-inspiring aromas, which are well supported by a spicy rye malt body.


Alc/Vol: 8.2%

Not the end of the universe, but a diabolical plan, Bad Robot New England DIPA is taking over. Blasting with laser strength and precision. Take cover if you must. Layered with double dry hops and double hop intensity.

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