Win Tickets to Watch Horse Hockey!

Keep your stick on the ice! What ice? This is Horse Hockey, silly! ‘What is that?’ you might ask. Just the newest combination of an equestrian event with our national sport! This event will preserve the racing speeds and grace of your favourite Rock’em Sock’em sport, with an agricultural twist: hockey on horseback.

This year, The Royal is delighted to have former NHL players and hockey legends Darryl Sittler, Brad Marsh, Mark Napier and Rick Vaive. Starts November 6th at 1pm in Ricoh Coliseum. CAMERON’S Brewing Co. wants to send you and a friend to watch Horse Hockey this weekend at The Royal!

All you have to do to win a pair of tickets to the Horse show is post your favourite Hockey story up on the wall of our Facebook page. Our disciplined panel of Hockey story judges will then decide which tale is worthy of our grand prize! We will pick the winner of the Hockey Story contest this Thursday.